Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Developers Discuss Changes From the Original

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Developers Discuss Changes From the Original

Two of the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion creators explained the changes between the original PSP game and the remake in a PlayStation Blog article to give players a clearer picture of what has been altered. With the release date of Crisis Core: Reunion officially established, now is the moment to whet your appetite.

The original Crisis Core, one of the numerous spinoffs spawned by the innovative Final Fantasy VII, was one of the PSP’s blockbuster games, and certainly one of the main reasons to acquire the platform with titles like Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker. Crisis Core is making a triumphant comeback now that the PSP is a distant memory.

Yoshinori Kitase, the original Crisis Core’s executive producer, and Mariko Sato, who was not involved in the original production but enjoyed the game anyway, talked about it. According to the creators, the first step in making all of these adjustments were confronting Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director of Crisis Core: Reunion as well as the mainstream Final Fantasy VII remake games. This feedback seems to ask for the tale to stay the same since it was previously revealed that Crisis Core: Reunion would not incorporate new story components.

The next phase was to focus on graphical improvements, which proved particularly tough for the Crisis Core: Reunion team in the aftermath of Final Fantasy VII Remake and its stunning visuals. These served as the foundation for Crisis Core: Reunion’s new visuals, but the initial idea was to keep the old images in place. For context, these were PSP graphics, at best on par with the PS2. Simply replacing the 3D models wasn’t enough, so several changes had to be done, including the appearance of the famous Final Fantasy VII buster sword.

Modifications to the fighting system, although less obvious, are likely to have a greater influence than changes to the aesthetics. This is what leads Tetsuya Namora to believe Crisis Core: Reunion is more than a remaster, albeit how much more is unknown.

It will be interesting to see how the fighting has been altered. After all, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat blended real-time and action in a novel manner that took years to perfect, but Crisis Core was already a component of that battle. Only time will tell if the combat upgrades in Crisis Core: Reunion are for the better or for the worse.