Ubisoft to Sunset Online Services for Iconic Assassin's Creed Titles and More

Ubisoft to Sunset Online Services for Iconic Assassin’s Creed Titles and More

Online Support for Ten Beloved Games to Cease in January 2024.

Ubisoft, a renowned name in the gaming industry, has made a significant announcement that has sent ripples throughout the gaming community. The company has decided to sunset online services for ten of its older games, and this includes several classic Assassin’s Creed titles. This move reflects a broader trend in the gaming world, where developers often discontinue servers for their older games. Notably, even console servers and marketplaces are not exempt from this trend, as Nintendo recently revealed its plan to shut down Nintendo 3DS and Wii U online servers next year. Ubisoft is now the latest developer to join this trend by announcing the end of online support for several of its beloved games.

Assassin’s Creed, one of Ubisoft’s most iconic franchises, has been a fan favorite for years. The early Assassin’s Creed games introduced their own online functionality, which added depth to the gaming experience. Online multiplayer was a staple of these older Assassin’s Creed titles, featuring player-versus-player modes that engaged gamers in epic battles with various scenarios. However, the multiplayer aspect of the franchise has gradually faded in the newer entries like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, where traditional multiplayer gameplay is no longer present. Now, several Assassin’s Creed titles, along with other games, are about to lose their online functionality.