Transform Your Backseat into a Virtual Reality Escape with Holoride’s Retrofit Kit

Holoride, the startup that debuted their in-car VR technology at CES 2019, is finally ready to bring their technology to the mainstream market. They just released Retrofit, an all-in-one system that you can install in your car to access Holoride content. The device is about the size of a smart speaker and can be easily attached to your windshield with the included mounting arm. It has a built-in battery that lasts for up to 14 hours on one charge and can be connected to up to two VR headsets via Bluetooth.

But what really sets Retrofit apart is its ability to enable Holoride’s signature “Elastic Content.” This means that when you play an interactive video or game, the platform adapts the experience to the movement of your car. So if you’re playing a game that involves a spaceship, when your car accelerates, the spaceship will too. It’s a really immersive experience, but it also has the potential to cause motion sickness. Retrofit can collect and process all the necessary movement and location data to enable these experiences.

Retrofit doesn’t come cheap. The device itself costs $199, but most people will probably want to opt for the $799 Retrofit Pack, which includes an HTC Vive Flow headset and 8BitDo Pro2 controller. It’s definitely a significant investment for a backseat experience, but it will be interesting to see if there is a market for Holoride’s technology.