Toyota Trailhunter Will Have Overlanding Enhancements

Toyota Trailhunter Will Have Overlanding Enhancements

Toyota chose to “go big or go home” this year at SEMA. As a result, it presented a whopping eight new off-road and Overlanding ideas. One of them is this. Toyota’s Trailhunter will be a whole new class of vehicle.

That means you’ll be able to purchase a Toyota Tundra Trailhunter like the one we saw at SEMA, or a Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter, or any number of “purpose-built trucks and SUVs with the Trailhunter moniker.”

These Trailhunter cars will be constructed expressly to meet the demands of folks who love a little Overlanding on the weekends while still reaping the advantages of purchasing a brand-new vehicle.

Toyota produced this Tundra concept vehicle for SEMA to illustrate what future off-the-shelf Trailhunter automobiles may look like, complete with Toyota extras. This vehicle has a custom suspension system as well as a lift kit.

New Trailhunter-specific skid plates, a roof rack, replacement bumpers, illumination, a fridge, a roof tent, and other features are also included. It’s unclear whether this is merely branding, but we also saw what seem to be control arms unique to these new vehicles. However, these might be identical to Tundra’s new TRD lift package.

All Trailhunter-equipped cars will also come with unique badging, so you can show off to the other trail users that you’ve got the cool one. Toyota hasn’t said much about what may be standard on this trim and what won’t be.

Fortunately, it states that further information on the Trailhunters will be released next year. We anticipate that this will contain additional information such as typical equipment and cost.

We expect these models to be towards the top of each vehicle’s trim structure, similar to how certain TRD Pro variants are present.

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