Mobile shopping

Mobile e-commerce has been constantly growing for the past few years and has already become one of the top opportunities for online business owners. People more and more frequently use their mobile devices to check e-commerce marketplaces and platforms and make purchases online. This is why every business owner should make sure that their online stores are well-optimized for the requirements and expectations of mobile users. Thanks to this, shops are able to reach a bigger audience and receive more orders. To read more about mobile-related and customized innovations for e-commerce, check out the information here:


Voice commerce

Voice shopping is one of the biggest e-commerce related innovations. Mobile users more and more frequently do their shopping with the support of voice assistants. Rapidly developing voice and language processing tools are more intuitive and effective, which encourages customers to use them for their daily tasks, including shopping. Voice commerce is based on expressing shopper’s desires with verbal descriptions, which allows clients to conveniently browse products in the store and place orders right away.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most frequently used innovations in e-commerce. AI helps users effectively search for products and receive customized recommendations, which improves the conversion rate and basket value. It also improves the overall UX and helps e-commerce stores gain a competitive advantage. Artificial Intelligence is also used in chatbots, providing users with 24/7 shopping assistance. This technology is also able to forecast demand for particular products and create timely offers and discounts, which results in increased profit and revenues.

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Social media

Social media is an inseparable element of e-commerce businesses. Now, with modern functionalities dedicated to online shoppers, social media platforms work as mini search engines enabling shoppers to seek out products and purchase them right away. Social media is also commonly used for boosting impulse purchases, especially in industries like fashion, food, design or beauty. As consumers tend to spend more and more time on social platforms, the owners of such sites are constantly working on new solutions to satisfy customer needs and provide them with excellent UX in order to boost profits. However, using social media in e-commerce requires a good business strategy. To figure it out, we recommend you use professional services that will provide you with appropriate advice.