Experience is priceless

Application development is a fast growing industry with trends dictated by users and constantly in flux. Although it is important for developers to stay flexible, nothing is more valuable than experience. In this way not only does the team know how to deal with the newest trends but they can also predict upcoming ones. For that reason it is wise to choose a software house that has been operating for a while. Of course, this is not the only rule here. The real indicator of how good developers are is to check their portfolio. This is your chance to see how they manage with projects in different sectors. Do they know how to create a friendly interface? Do they choose colour schemes wisely? All the details are important and are best checked in practice.


If the company shares its portfolio, be sure to check if they’ve worked in the most important domains. A software house that has experience in e-commerce, e-learning, banking and healthcare app development is probably one you can trust. A good example is a Google certified software house. There you can see their portfolio divided into convenient categories so evaluation is much easier.

What does the portfolio say about them?

The portfolio of a company, however rich it might be, does not necessarily mean that they are meant for your project. As mentioned previously, you should check their existing applications to see if they got it right. The first thing to do is to search through the category that matches your planned project. If you want to develop an e-commerce app, check the corresponding positions in the portfolio and evaluate their quality.


  • Are they popular among users?
  • Is the UI coherent and easy to navigate?
  • Does the visual design reflect the brand’s identity?
  • Is the application generally intuitive?


All those components are very important because they are indicators of how your project might be executed. There is no better way to learn about the software house than to test it in practice. Then you choose the best one, simple as that. When in search of a software house, rely on the websites that share their completed projects. One such example is Miquido, as mentioned before. All of the applications are still in use and you can try them out for free in App and Google Stores.

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Balance is the key

Of course, in many cases money is also an issue when choosing the best software house. But let’s not forget that choosing professional services is not only an expense, but is rather more of an investment. By trusting the best experts on the market, you are sure to get things done in the right way, which in the end will yield profit. Nevertheless, this still doesn’t necessarily mean that the best services are the most expensive. We all chase the best price to quality ratio and the truth is, we don’t have to search on our own. This advice might sound obvious, but try to look for some certified opinions on the Internet.


  • What do other developers say about the software house that you have in mind?
  • What do they appreciate and what would they change?
  • Do they suggest any particular company for this job?


Follow their opinions and never underestimate the power of online evaluation. We live in an era where the truth about services will come out sooner or later. If a software house delivers poorly executed projects, you will surely find this information online. If not, the applications they’ve created will speak for themselves. One thing’s for sure, if you do the research you’ll get the information you need.


Now there are only a couple of decisions to take before the work on your project starts. To sum up everything we discussed, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: Does this software house have experience in app development? Do they share a portfolio of projects they’ve executed in my domain? How do I evaluate their end result? Is this company recommended by other Internet users? Answer those questions and your decision is practically made.