thirsty suitors

‘Thirsty Suitors’: A new game where you must use your wits and charm to outwit your exes and win the day

Prepare for a captivating journey of self-discovery, as Annapurna Interactive and Outerloop Games have announced that their cross-platform RPG, Thirsty Suitors, will grace our screens on November 2nd. With a tagline that reads, “Battle Your Exes. Disappoint Your Parents. Find Yourself.”, it’s clear that this upcoming title is ready to venture off the beaten path and deliver a unique gaming experience.

First unveiled in 2021, Thirsty Suitors transports players to the world of Jala, who embarks on a return journey to the small town of Timber Hills after a devastating breakup. Here, Jala must confront the remnants of her past, including the weight of her immigrant parents’ expectations, suffocating small-town gossip, and a trail of broken hearts left in her wake. The game’s narrative lead, Meghna Jayanth, describes the emotional journey Jala faces, where she must confront everything she left behind.