There's a new Season 3 Maps for Halo Infinite

There’s a new Season 3 Maps for Halo Infinite

343 Industries has released details about Halo Infinite Season 3 such as ray tracing, new weapons, and equipment arriving in the game in 2023, but a leaker has revealed the maps that will be launched with Echoes Within. 343 Industries teased Halo Infinite fans in a September Halo Waypoint blog post about Season 3: Echoes Within, however the update has been put back until 2023.

The Twitter account Leaks infinite has kept its moniker alive with a November 22 tweet that offers small tidbits regarding the new maps coming with Halo Infinite Season 3 as well as images of them. Season 3 will contain a battle pass full of cosmetic items for players to move through by completing tasks and beating opponents, similar to the prior two seasons, Heroes of Reach and Lone Wolves. Because some Halo fans believe the current map rotation is becoming monotonous, 343 Industries will release Cliffhanger and Oasis at the end of Season 2.

Cliffhanger, according to leaks infinite, is located at a high altitude and is “very classified,” but Oasis is an old place with a “fresh genesis” that may provide additional variation to the Halo Infinite playlists. The depiction of Oasis depicts a massive spire in the backdrop, a structure and different stone walls in the foreground, and Mars-like orange sand filling in the gaps. Cliffhanger is located in a wintry landscape with a large tower sandwiched between two mountain peaks, flanked by many smaller ramps and halls that Halo Infinite snipers may utilise for longer views.

Halo Infinite presently has 12 maps divided between Arena and Big Team Battle game types, and the addition of Cliffhanger and Oasis in Season 3 will build on the foundations laid down by Breaker and Catalyst in Season 2. Although fans will have to wait until March for these rumoured maps, the Halo Infinite Winter Update, which includes online campaign co-op, Forge beta, and a seasonal battle pass, was released recently in preparation for Season 3. Because Forge will be responsible for many more Halo Infinite levels in the future, the amount of fan contributions in the level creator may outweigh future seasonal maps.

While many players are ecstatic about the arrival of two new maps with Halo Infinite Season 3, some are disappointed that another desert map has been added to the rotation rather than something more distinctive. As two players disputed whether two maps from each Halo Infinite season are sufficient, another pointed out that the leak occurred within a month after the Winter update, which may have moved some fans’ attention to the March patch rather than what’s currently accessible.