There is a new Starfield mod that prevents the camera from zooming in on NPCs

Starfield is all the rage right now in the gaming community and just a few months after its release, the Starfield community is abuzz with mods that seek to enhance the overall experience of the game. Now, one of the problems that the gamers had reported was the when interacting with an NPC, the camera had a tendency to zoom in a little too much, and before the developers could put in a fix, it looks like a third party modder has got the job done.

The feature, which is also known as the dialogue camera was a default setting in the game and it looks like the modder has found a way to completely disable the feature. The ‘Disable Dialogue Camera’ mod, as it is so aptly named, is what you are looking for. Antonix35, the modder who made this possible has been receiving a lot of praise from the community as the Dialogue Camera was posing to be a bit of a nuisance in the overall playability of the game.