The Xbox software for PC now launches quicker and integrates HowLongToBeat

The Xbox software for PC now launches quicker and integrates HowLongToBeat

Microsoft is upgrading its Xbox software for Windows, which now includes HowLongToBeat integration and speedier startup speeds. The Xbox team has collaborated with HowLongToBeat to predict how long it will take to complete PC Game Pass titles. HowLongToBeat is a community-based website that allows users to monitor how long a game will take and choose if a game is worth purchasing or playing.

The HowLongToBeat integration in the Xbox software for Windows offers estimates for the game’s main plot, as well as estimates for extra objectives, 100 percent completion, and a variety of play styles. You’ll be able to submit your own timings and check community ratings, gameplay comments, and playstyle analysis.

Microsoft is also working to improve the speed with which the Xbox software launches on Windows. “We’re dedicated to improving the app’s speed and dependability,” says Jason Beaumont, senior director of product management for the Xbox player experiences and platform team. “With the most recent version, the app now starts up to 15% quicker, and we’ve also made some changes for overall greater responsiveness while interacting with key app experiences.”

This should result in faster downloading and installation of games, as well as improved search results. Microsoft has also improved the game information pages, allowing you to view trailers and pictures directly at the top of a listing.

Overall, the enhancements are a good addition to the Xbox software for Windows. Microsoft has been working on improving this program for months and added the ability to install PC games to any folder early this year.

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