The Iron Banner in Destiny 2 is getting changes to XP gains and seasonal frequency

The Iron Banner in Destiny 2 is getting changes to XP gains and seasonal frequency

Bungie is aiming to make the PvP action more lucrative as Season of the Seraph reaches its final run while seeing it return more often once Lightfall debuts following months of studying the adjustments Season of the Haunted made to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner. Since 2014, The Iron Banner has been a mainstay activity inside the Destiny world, providing a more competitive spin on the normal 6v6 gaming offered in Crucible. It has also undergone its fair share of adjustments over the years, with the most recent revisions attempting to address some of the criticism levelled by players in recent seasons.

The last season of Destiny 2’s fifth year, Season of the Seraph, sets the groundwork for the forthcoming events when the game’s next significant update, Lightfall, is released in February 2023. Throughout the season, Guardians labour with the Brays, Mara Sov, and Osiris to repair and reactivate the Warmind Rasputin in order to help the Last City’s war against The Witness. Guardians must also keep The Witness’ soldiers at bay, who has taken an interest in Rasputin’s dormant armament and a treasure trove of information, hoping to wield it against the Last City and its allies.

As with past seasons, users may go into Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner to pit their gunplay and talents against other players in order to acquire the new gear available in the Season of the Seraph activity. However, the next time players participate in the activity, they will be awarded even more XP, since Bungie has announced that the incentives for wearing Iron Banner armour will be increased. In its most recent TWAB article, Bungie said that it would “double the multipliers” for wearing Iron Banner gear and “substantially boost the multiplier” for having an Iron Banner insignia on, while “halving” the mode’s multiplier for completed tasks.

The studio continued by discussing the activity’s accessibility and its intentions to broaden it after the release of Lightfall. Beginning in Season 20, the Iron Banner will be available three times every season, rather than twice as it has been since Season of the Haunted. Bungie stated that dates for Season 20’s Iron Banner should be expected a few weeks before the season begins.

The Destiny 2 community has mainly praised these updates since they solve two common complaints about the Iron Banner from 2022. Many players complained that the present way of acquiring ranks made the mode excessively tough to play, which was exacerbated by the fact that it only happened twice a season. While gamers are cautiously excited about the XP multiplier benefits, the community has welcomed the return to a rhythm akin to the prior monthly one.

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