The First Descendant, a Free-to-Play Looter Shooter, Set to Release in Summer 2024

The First Descendant, a Free-to-Play Looter Shooter, Set to Release in Summer 2024

Humanity’s last hope against colossal alien invaders just got a key summer 2024 release window – and an action-packed new CGI trailer – courtesy of The Game Awards. I’m talking about The First Descendant, the free-to-play looter shooter putting Earth’s fate in players’ hands.

The trailer spotlights Descendant defender Viessa gearing up alongside her squad to protect their home from two screen-filling alien Colossi. We also get a tease of a mysterious new ally – though his identity remains frustratingly unclear for now.

What is clear is that The First Descendant’s slick UE5 graphics and bombastic spectacle are shaping up nicely. As the last line of defense against planet-ravaging aliens, players suit up in squads of four to take on hordes of extraterrestrial threats. With varied Descendant classes boasting unique playstyles and deep RPG-like progression systems, this co-op shooter promises plenty of replayability.

And we already got a taste back in September thanks to an open beta that lured nearly 2 million players across PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Crossplay functionality let friends band together platform-agnostically while developers collected valuable feedback. We can expect improvements to missions, graphics and long-requested features by next summer’s launch.

With humanity’s hopes for survival at stake, now is the time to list The First Descendant on your wishlist if you haven’t already. It may still be months away, but this new CGI glimpse already has me yearning for some intense four-player action against screen-filling aliens. Let’s just hope that mystery warrior arrives soon to help tip the scales before the Colossi squash us for good!