Prepare for the Hunt: Monster Hunter Wilds Announced for 2025

Prepare for the Hunt: Monster Hunter Wilds Announced for 2025

Sharpen those greatswords, hunters – Capcom closed out The Game Awards by revealing Monster Hunter Wilds, the “next generation” of the genre-defining beast slayer dropping in 2025.

Details remain scarce for now, but a vivid CGI trailer teases the grandeur to come: sweeping desert vistas, a hunter mounted on their rideable pet dashing toward titanic predators straight out of fantasy. We’re talking giant coiled armadillos unfurling like tanks to dwarf their human prey. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto promises unprecedentedly detailed creatures and ecosystems courtesy of next-gen consoles’ power. If this glimpse is any indicator, Monster Hunter has never looked more wildly majestic.

Wilds arrives hot on the heels of 2018’s phenomenal World, itself a watershed moment catapulting Monster Hunter to global mainstream success. As the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary this March, the stars have clearly aligned for Capcom’s master class in methodical co-op beast hunting to reach even greater heights.

As Tsujimoto graciously acknowledged in Capcom’s anniversary site letter: “We have only been able to reach this significant milestone thanks to your support…join us on the journey ahead.” Wherever Wilds takes us, players can expect bigger, bolder hunts that surprise and thrill in equal measure.

Other gaming beasts invaded the spotlight too, like Jurassic Park: Survival bringing dino chaos to PlayStation, Xbox and PC later on (albeit sans firm date). But tonight undoubtedly belonged to Capcom’s signature monster battler – now with next-gen free roam savage expansiveness!

Only two years remain before we can face Wilds’ fantasy fauna as a worldwide hunting party. But with visuals this cinematically jaw-dropping already, the wait promises to be almost as exciting as the inevitable gargantuan clashes themselves. Bring it on, Wilds – my greatsword’s ready to greet any fangs with a hearty slap!