The EASY way to locate and catch Shadowbeak on Palworld

Palworld’s Shadowbeak stands as a formidable force among Dark-type Pals, renowned for its imposing presence and unmatched combat prowess. As the fifth Raid Boss encountered by players, Shadowbeak’s partnership with Victor underscores its formidable strength. Not only does it excel as one of the premier flying mounts in the game, but its combat prowess earns it an esteemed S-Tier rating, cementing its status as a highly coveted Pal.

Once captured, Shadowbeak enhances the player’s traversal across the Palworld map with its exceptional speed, while boasting impressive defense, HP, and Attack stats. Its sole vulnerability to Dragon-type Pals is mitigated by their scarcity in the game, further enhancing Shadowbeak’s dominance.

Locating Shadowbeak proves to be a challenging endeavor, as it can only be encountered in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled at the eastern fringe of the map. This region teems with formidable Pals, necessitating players to be adequately leveled and accompanied by supportive companions.




Alternatively, players can breed Shadowbeak by pairing Kitsun and Astegon at the ranch, offering a reliable method to add this powerhouse to their Paldeck. Breeding two Shadowbeaks also yields additional copies of this formidable Pal. For players seeking convenience, hatching Shadowbeak from Huge Dark Eggs serves as a viable option, augmenting its utility as a breeding partner to obtain other high-powered Pals.

Shadowbeak’s utility extends beyond combat, as its mount ability facilitates swift aerial traversal, positioning it as an invaluable asset for exploration. Additionally, its partner skill, Modified DNA, enhances the efficacy of Dark-type moves, dealing additional damage to adversaries.

While Shadowbeak’s prowess in combat is undisputed, its suitability for base work is limited, with its Level 1 Gathering capability rendering it overshadowed by other Pals. Thus, players are advised to prioritize Shadowbeak’s inclusion in their Dark-type Pal roster, leveraging its unparalleled strength and agility to dominate encounters and traverse the Palworld with unparalleled speed. However, its high feeding ratio necessitates meticulous provisioning for extended journeys.