The easy way to change the brightness on your Windows 11 PC
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The easy way to change the brightness on your Windows 11 PC

One of the many features that Windows 11 has retained from the previous editions, is the ability to adjust the brightness of the display you are using. Be it a stand-alone display, a PC, a laptop, or even a Windows-powered tablet device, the ability to adjust the brightness makes it easy for you to view content, interact with different elements on the screen, and in case you are working outside, you can even see things better if you are in control of the brightness of your computer screen.

Most devices today have an auto-brightness setting that basically evaluates the brightness of the surroundings and adjusts the brightness of the device accordingly. However, you can even do the settings manually if you want to fine-tune your experience.

Windows 11 has retained similar settings to that of its predecessor, Windows 10, making it easy to grasp and also use in a real-time setting, and in this tutorial, we will show you how you can easily adjust the brightness on Windows 11.

Method 1. Using the Control Center

Step 1. Click on the control center at the bottom right-hand side of the desktop to reveal the menu.

Step 2. Here, you will see the brightness adjustment bar, that you can now use to manually adjust the brightness of your Windows 11 device.