The 2018 God of War game has reached an incredible sales milestone

The 2018 God of War game has reached an incredible sales milestone

After launching on PC, God of War, the 2018 PlayStation exclusive revival, reaches an astounding financial milestone for the series.

The 2018 God of War revival has achieved an astonishing sales milestone, demonstrating that older PlayStation IPs are still viable in the next age of gaming. The God of War remake updated Kratos’ gameplay and plot, providing a new and more mature take on the character’s universe and mythology.

God of War is one of several PlayStation exclusives that are now accessible on PC, which has boosted sales significantly since there was previously no other way to play the console exclusives unless you bought a PlayStation. God of War was able to reach an extraordinary sales milestone as a result of its commercial approach.

The game sold 3 million copies in its first three days on PC, and God of War has already sold over 23 million copies between PC and PS4. God of War currently ranks among The Last of Us, Horizon, and the Uncharted series as one of PlayStation’s most valuable gaming IPs. To that end, PlayStation has had success with specific protagonist archetypes in games, and Kratos and Joel share characteristics that make them compelling and exciting characters. There have also been rumors that God of War Ragnarok’s primary protagonist may be replaced by Kratos’ kid, similar to how The Last of Us Part 2 replaced Joel and Ellie.

The ninth chapter in the God of War series, the second after the reboot and change from Greek mythology to Norse mythology, will be released in a few days. According to the game creators, this relaunch might have kicked off a trilogy of Norse mythology storylines in God of War, but the Norse arc will finish appropriately with God of War Ragnarok. With God of War’s commercial success for PlayStation, gamers may ask what the corporation will do next with the brand in terms of another possible reboot or continuation of the same plot beginning with what was previously created.

The alterations made to the 2018 remake of God of War were dangerous at the time, such as major changes to the gameplay and a more cinematic manner of presentation, but they were worth the concern owing to the game’s tremendous popularity. The sequel is almost approaching, but fans should endeavour to avoid leaked spoilers for God of War Ragnarok so that their experience is as profound as it was with its predecessor.