A Tesla Cybertruck Production Date Has Finally Been Announced

A Tesla Cybertruck Production Date Has Finally Been Announced

Tesla lovers may begin submitting fan mail to The Simpsons writers. The long-awaited EV truck finally has a realistic manufacturing start date, less than 24 hours after the premiere of the show’s famed Halloween yearly Treehouse of Horror episode, which featured a Cybertruck.

Musk said last week that the vehicle will be ready for manufacturing by mid-2023. A statement like that normally implies another year of waiting, since the truck has been expected to go into production since its debut in 2019.

This time, Musk’s promised deadline is not so far away. According to two persons with firsthand knowledge of the situation, major manufacturing will begin toward the end of 2023.

Musk did not mention mass manufacturing, implying that his initial assertion was correct. Production will most likely begin on a limited scale to work out the problems before the American corporation ramps up to full capacity at the Austin Gigafactory.

The Cybertrucks were originally scheduled to go into production in 2021, with the single-motor RWD variant following in 2022. The manufacturing date was pushed up to 2022 from August 2021. Obviously, this has not yet occurred. Along the way, Musk had to make some unsettling assertions, such as the fact that the entry-level Cybertruck would not cost less than $40,000, as previously promised.

Musk, on the other hand, is a master at keeping it in public view. He recently said that it may be utilized as a boat. For a vehicle that debuted in 2019, it has been constantly in the headlines.

For reservation holders, the new release date is both good and terrible. The bad news is that the vehicle, which was recently discovered with a production-ready rear end, will have to wait at least another year. The good news is that the $100 reserve will eventually be used.

Sadly, Tesla has already missed the EV truck revolution. The Cybertruck was the first of its type when it debuted. Tesla had a chance to be the first mass-market EV pickup truck, but Rivian beat it to the punch.

Actually, a little-known Chinese business named Dongfeng was the first, but Rivian completed the crossing line first in the United States.

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