'Team Fortress 2' is getting a huge upgrade from Valve

‘Team Fortress 2’ is getting a huge upgrade from Valve

Valve is ready to deliver a huge upgrade for Team Fortress 2 after years of neglect. The company issued a rare blog post on the official TF2 website this week (via Kotaku), encouraging the game’s community to submit new content to the Steam Workshop before May 1st. “The previous several Team Fortress summer events have been little more than item updates. But this year [Valve’s emphasis], we’re hoping to release a full-fledged update-sized update, complete with goods, maps, taunts, odd effects, war paintings, and who knows what else?!!” Valve stated.

According to our count, Valve’s “as-yet-unnamed, un-themed, but nevertheless very exciting summer-situated (but not summer-themed)” update will be TF2’s first significant new release since the firm released the Jungle Inferno upgrade in 2017 to commemorate the game’s 10-year anniversary. Valve has delivered modest updates since then, largely to remedy the botting issue that rendered the game unplayable, but fresh content additions have been few.