Square Enix’s Foamstars Arrives on PS Plus, February 6

PlayStation fans, get ready to make a splashy entrance into February. Sony just revealed splashy multiplayer soap-em-up Foamstars as part of next month’s free PS Plus games lineup.

Bringing shades of Nintendo’s popular Splatoon series to PlayStation consoles, Foamstars has teams of four battling to coat more arena surfaces in foam. Slide around in the bubbly spray you lay down to access hard-to-reach areas and ambush opponents.

Unlike Splatoon’s flat ink splats, the foam here spreads in 3D for added strategy options. And with distinct character classes plus wacky modes like duck dancing relays, fun seems guaranteed.




Sony likely hopes Foamstars captures the same launch magic as other breakout multiplayer hits debuting via PS Plus, such as Fall Guys and Rocket League. Offering this soap-sliding soapbox for free could get player pools foaming quickly.

If you claim the game by March 4th, it’ll remain free and playable as long as you maintain an active PS Plus subscription. After that, Foamstars shifts to a normal $30 purchase (still requiring PS Plus for online multiplayer).

Now one asterisk before you grab your bubble blasters. Developer Toylogic confirms using AI-generated art for a tiny fraction of in-game elements, mainly soundtrack album covers.

While not a dealbreaker, some gamers understandably bristle over AI potentially replacing human artists down the road. But with assurances that artists directly created all other assets by hand, Foamstars just dips its toes into those emerging digital waters.

Either way, expect plenty of soapy faceoffs when Foamstars launches for free on PlayStation Plus February 6th. Just be ready to get soaked in fun with friends by yelling “It’s foam time!”