Minecraft x Planet Earth III Emerges as 2024’s Tamest Corporate Collab

Nature lovers and Minecraft fans unite! Mojang’s blockbuster sandbox game now lets you explore wildlife adventures inspired by BBC’s acclaimed Planet Earth III documentary series.

Available as a free expansion, the DLC has players stepping into the paws and hooves of awe-inspiring animals across five vivid habitats – from prowling the Arctic as a wolf to evading crocodiles as a wading bird protecting chicks.

You’ll get both predator and prey perspectives in the challenging but educational activities. And a central jungle-themed hub called the “BBC Planet Earth Field Station” connects the biomes while offering extra animal facts, soundboards and rewards to customize your experience.

It follows a similar hit formula as Minecraft’s previous Frozen Planet II add-on centered around beloved host Sir David Attenborough’s narration and footage. Now new nature scenes come alive through the creative lens of the game’s signature blocky pixel art style.

For Mojang’s sandbox juggernaut, which just marked a staggering 15 years since initial release, the partnership expands real-world learning opportunities that help earned Minecraft a dedicated global educational following.

The BBC collaboration also drops just ahead of Minecraft: The Movie this April, bringing additional spotlight for the property that’s now sold over 300 million copies to date.

So if you own the Bedrock version on consoles, Windows and mobile, jump into this Planet Earth III expansion to enjoy wildlife from new virtual perspectives. Just be careful when stepping into the den of lions or walking the plankton-rich shoes of great white sharks also prowling these habitats!