Sony’s State of Play to Feature Over 15 Blockbuster Titles

PlayStation fans, clear your calendars for a meaty State of Play broadcast on January 31st. Sony promises over 15 games featured across a chunky 40-minute showcase.

While specific reveals remain under wraps, Sony confirmed extended looks at two hotly anticipated PS5 exclusives. The first is Team Ninja’s stunning feudal Japan action-RPG Rise of the Ronin, launching March 22nd. Also spotlighted is Shift Up’s cinematic sci-fi adventure Stellar Blade, though its release date remains unannounced.

Beyond those tasty headliners, anticipating what else fills a 40-minute runtime is an exciting guessing game. Sony teases additional reveals for PS5 and upcoming PS VR2 titles arriving in 2024 and beyond. So don’t expect every game highlighted to hit shelves this year.




But the variety and volume of content suggest significant announcements incoming across PlayStation’s broad gaming ecosystem. And with the PS VR2 headset launching in just a few weeks, more momentum behind that platform seems likely.

You’ll be able to tune into Sony’s first State of Play for 2023 starting at 5PM ET on January 31st via Twitch, YouTube and even TikTok. Regardless of which digital venue you choose, having your popcorn ready ahead of the 9AM Aussie start should make for a blockbuster morning. With extensive showcases already promoted upfront, it’s safe to expect surprises lying in wait when the stream goes live worldwide.