Sony VPL-GTZ1 Projector - Review

Sony VPL-GTZ1 Projector – Review

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When is comes to image processing and projector technology, Sony is on top of almost everybody’s list. Their expertise in this field is so vast, that even though their company is in troubled waters when it comes to smartphone and tablet devices, what keeps them going is their image processing genre. Sony has been competing with the likes of Epson and Canon over projector tech in the past, but it looks like they have finally got the breakthrough that they so required. What I am talking about is the Sony VPL-GTZ1 projector.

The $50,000 projector, is like a successor to the LSP-XW1 projector, with the major difference being that the new VPL-GTZ1 is not geographically limited. Other than being available world wide, the VPL-GTZ1 is also, what Sony likes to call, an ” Ultra Short Throw Projector”. For those who don’t know , Short throw projectors are a type of Projectors that find their use in cases where the distance to the projection screen is to be minimised. The currently available short throe projectors in the market, are said to project onto a screen from as near as 1.5 feet away. They support both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, while a few others also come with networking capabilities.

Coming back to the Sony VPL-GTZ1. When Sony said that this device is Ultra short throw, it wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. Rather, the projector lives up to its name to the ‘T’. Technically speaking, the VPL-GTZ1 can project onto a screen from as near as zero inches away. If you didn’t get that point point, imagine this – You can place the projector directly against the wall you wish the project upon, and the device will carry out its job like any other day at the office.