Sony Projector VPL-HW55ES Review.

Sony Projector VPL-HW55ES Review.

Excellent black levels ,very impressive image quality also good for fast action scenes, a decent 3D picture as well. The projector has low noise operation but heat generated is expected as with any projector. If you can spend the almost 5000US$ there is justification for the image quality and sharpness for this projector.
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3D Quality
Product Design
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Value for Money

It is not always the case that you are able to go to a theater to watch your favorite movie. Then what do you do? If you have a projector then go and bring it out and enjoy the movie again and again for umpteen numbers of times. You try to purchase the best projector so that you get to watch great quality movies right at your living room. Sony is bringing a new 3D Projector VPL-HW55ES which is priced moderately.


This model comes with 1080p Full HD display which gives you clarity in the picture quality. The colors are vibrant and when optimization is done to black and white it will provide you with finer details. The native resolution of this projector is 1920 X 1080 with an aspect ratio 16:9. It is one of its kind projector which supports 3D format. The projector is big enough but it doesn’t look odd or out of place instead looks quite trendy with the glossy top. It is quite heavy so it will be god for one time installation though you can move it around but due to the weight of around 9.6 kgs you will find it bit difficult to use it as portable projector. You will get this projector in two colors only and that too in black and white. The noise level is 22db in eco mode. As per the manufacturer the brightness is 1700 and it is said that LCoS technology has gone into the making of this projector. Another tall claim of the manufacturer is that it brings back the lost quality of the picture and makes the picture much more effervescent and has the ability to show full picture which is much sharper. The dynamic contrast is 120,000 : 1 is the main reason behind bringing out the best quality picture even in the scenes which was shot in dark. The screen size is 40” to almost 300” which will help you to get big screen like feel. The maximum power consumption is around 330 W. The lens shifts horizontally and vertically with an optical zoom range of 1.6 X and the image placement is simple and flexible.

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This one comes with HSV color correction so you won’t be having any problem with vivacious color display. It has a very long lamp life of 5,000 hours and this is said to be 60% more than any standard home projectors. You won’t have any problem in viewing in the bright day light or in the dark as Sony VPL-HW55ES produces brightness of 1700 lumens which is believed to produce images which are clearer and crispier. The color contrast is maintained in vivid environment by this projector. Then it has the capacity of wireless connectivity which will be helpful if you want to play games through this projector. This not only gives you 3D projection but shows you movies in 2D Format also. One of the main annoying features of most projectors is the fan noise. A person who sits next to the projector are sometimes unable to hear the voice in the picture instead they keep on listening the odd fan noise but not anymore as the fan noise is reduced in this model to provide the viewers with pleasant experience.

Technical specifications

Display system

High Frame Rate SXRD panel

Light Output

1700 lm

Contrast ratio

100,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast)

Display elements – Effective display size

0.61” x 3

Display elements – Effective pixels

Full HD(1920×1080)x3 6,220,800 pixels

Projection lens – Zoom / Focus

Manual (Approx. 1.6 x) / Manual

Projection lens – Lens shift

Manual, V:+/-71% / H:+/-25%

Light source

Ultra High-pressure lamp 200W type

Screen size

40” to 300’‘

Reality Creation

YES (Full HD Reality Creation)

3D capability


3D emitter

Built-in IR emitter (Compatible with RF external emitter)

3D glasses

TDG-PJ1 ( IR type : Bundled ) / TDG-BT500A (RF type : Optional)

Manual Calibration

HSV Color Correction

Wireless HDMI compatibility

IFU-WH1 (Optional)

Advanced Iris

Ver 3

Picture modes

9 modes

Gamma modes

11 modes

Panel Alignment

YES (Shift / Zone)

Input/Output – HDMI (2 inputs)

Digital RGB/Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr

Input/Output – Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr

Component: phono type

Input/Output – INPUT A

Mini D-sub 15-pin (RGB)

Input/Output – Remote

RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin (female)

Input/Output – IR IN

Mini Jack

Input/Output – 3D Sync

Built-in IR Transmitter or via RJ-45 (External IR transmitter TMR-PJ2 or RF transmitter)

Acoustic noise


Power requirement

AC 100 V to 240 V, 3.0 A to 1.3 A,50/60 Hz

Power consumption

Max. 300 W

Body Color


Standard outside dimensions

W 407.4 x H 179.2 x D 463.9 mm


Approx. 9.6 kg

Remote Control


Size AA (R6) manganese batteries


AC Power Cord for projector


3D glasses

TDG-PJ1 x 2

Pouch for the 3D glasses


Operating Instructions