Sonic Frontiers Director Addresses Suggestion of Fixing Final Boss

Sonic Frontiers Director Addresses Suggestion of Fixing Final Boss

Sonic Frontiers’ director commented on a discussion about the game’s final boss, offering recommendations on how to remedy it and its polarising nature. When Sonic Frontiers fans talk about the game, one of the most often mentioned features is the game’s epic boss battles, which require the player to use Super Sonic in all of them. The first three bosses, Giganto, Wyvern, and Knight, were acclaimed for their magnitude and for communicating the might of Sonic’s golden metamorphosis, as well as some adrenaline-boosting music. The lone exception is the game’s final boss battle against the Supreme Titan, who the genuine final boss on the opposite side joins.

Infinite Cubes, a Twitter user, uploaded a whole thread on the site with a variety of proposals, even claiming that it was a pitch for Sonic Frontiers’ planned improvements in 2023. Supreme’s health bar has been increased, new techniques have been added in which it utilises its huge gun to fire attacks Sonic may parry, and a climactic QTE finisher has been added. The next encounter with The End had similar recommendations for a second phase, in which Sonic must combat the gigantic moon in 3D with Sage flying the Supreme.

The post concluded with them specifically referencing Sonic Frontiers’ director, Morio Kishimoto, and expressing their hope that the comments made would improve the final fight while preparing the game’s future update. Kishimoto replied to the post, saying he read it and felt it was a terrific concept, even motivating. He does, however, warn the fan that development time is limited, but he vows to make something that he thinks fans would like.

Some fans consider Sonic Frontiers’ Supreme boss fight to be a disappointing finish compared to the other three Titan bouts, with many concerns originating from how simple it is. These vary from the boss’ health metre being annihilated if Sonic’s stats are maxed up to it being too identical to the previous battle, making it an anticlimactic fight. The genuine final boss fight against The End was equally polarising, with the gameplay transition to an Ikaruga-styled space shooter considered as lacking following the dramatic confrontations against the enormous behemoths.

Although some fans are receptive to the suggestions proposed to improve the finale’s spectacle, others expressed reservations about directly alerting a game designer like this to provide criticism, particularly since it began by labelling it the worst boss battle in the series. Fans are concerned that since Kishimoto has said that he is open to Sonic Frontiers’ criticism, as well as personally reacting to and considering a fan’s comments like this, it would lead to others nagging him with their own ideas without regard for limits.