Epic Games Store Swaps Death Stranding Director's Cut for Standard Version as Free Game

Epic Games Store Swaps Death Stranding Director’s Cut for Standard Version as Free Game

The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was promptly removed from the Epic Games Store’s Christmas Day free game and replaced with the ordinary version. The rush to get today’s free Epic Games Store gift caused the storefront’s servers to fail, leaving customers puzzled and irritated. Along the way, Epic Games fueled the flames by abruptly removing Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. Death Stranding’s regular edition has taken its place, and it’s unknown what occurred.

Epic Games has made it an annual practice to give away free games every day over the Christmas season. This year’s festival has continued with 15 days of free games beginning on December 15 and lasting through December 29. So far, the games published include Costume Quest 2, LEGO Builder’s Journey, and the original and sequel to Fallout. The Epic Games Store has a tradition of releasing a blockbuster game on Christmas Day, December 25, and it did it again with Death Stranding.