With the world now under lockdown, thanks to the pandemic, the issue of mental health ha started catching some steam. To do their bit in the fight against mental health problems, Snap inc. the company behind the popular social networking app Snapchat, has announced the launch of Snapchat’s Minis partnership and in-App meditation experience with Headspace, the best-in-class platform providing guided meditations, animations, articles and videos aimed to improve the health, happiness, and mindfulness of the world.


Snapchat Launches In-App Meditation Experience With Headspace


During times of stress, connecting with friends, and having moments of relaxation and mindfulness, have never been more important. By putting resources front and center where friends already meet and share, Snap’s Headspace feature will provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation and mindfulness exercises, and use these new tools to send encouraging messages to positively boost friends in need.

“Snapchat is deeply committed to the wellbeing of our community. From the beginning, our goal was to give Snapchatters a place where they felt comfortable expressing themselves with their close friends and finding support,” said Hussein Freijeh, General Manager of Snap Inc., Middle East.

First announced at Snap Partner Summit last month, Snap Minis are a new way for developers to bring bite-sized experiences to Snapchat. Snap Minis are utilities designed to integrate within conversations on Snapchat, so coordinating between friends is faster than ever.

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