Simplified Cloud Solutions: Oracle Consolidates On-Premise Offerings into a Single Rack

Oracle has introduced its Compute Cloud@Customer, an on-premises cloud infrastructure platform. Key points about this offering include:

  1. On-Premises Cloud: Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer is an on-premises cloud solution, allowing enterprises to have cloud-like capabilities within their own data centers.
  2. Managed by Oracle: Oracle will build, install, own, and remotely manage the infrastructure platform. This approach simplifies the management burden for IT teams, enabling them to focus on other responsibilities.
  3. Data Residency Control: Enterprises can exercise control over data residency and compliance considerations by having the cloud infrastructure on-site.
  4. Hardware Specifications: The hardware features 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors with 96 cores each and DDR5 memory. Customers can scale up to 2,208 cores in a single rack or 6,624 cores across three racks.
  5. Storage Options: Storage options range from 150 TB to 3.4 PB, with flexible configurations for object, block, and file storage.
  6. Pricing Flexibility: Oracle offers pricing flexibility based on consumption and tailored to the customer’s requirements. The cost per core for Compute Cloud@Customer is set at $53 per month, compared to AWS Outposts’ $143 per month.
  7. Competitive Advantage: Oracle claims that its offering provides significantly more cores per rack compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts and Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, potentially offering cost advantages.

Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer aims to provide enterprises with the benefits of cloud infrastructure while maintaining control over data and infrastructure location. It also positions Oracle as a competitor in the on-premises cloud market, offering an alternative to other cloud providers’ solutions.