Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Comes to Defense of Konami Amidst Criticism

Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Comes to Defense of Konami Amidst Criticism

With Konami facing flak in recent years as a result of various shake-ups, Bloober Team’s CEO Piotr Babieno has made it a point to defend the firm in light of the studio taking over the anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. Babieno sought to reassure players that Konami is still flourishing behind the scenes while detailing Bloober Team’s lofty plans for future projects.

Bloober Team coming up to oversee the Silent Hill 2 remake is audacious to say the least, given that it is one of the most well-known horror game series ever created. While the developer already has several reasonably successful horror games under its portfolio, such as the Blair Witch adaption, taking on a product as large as Silent Hill 2 is a hefty order that will need significant effort to meet many fans’ expectations. Piotr Babieno indicated at DICE Summit 2023 that he wants Bloober Team to be the next great studio brand in horror games, and trying a Silent Hill 2 remake would help that goal become a reality if the company is successful.

Babieno also took the opportunity at DICE Conference to support Konami, the key publisher of Silent Hill 2. Despite a few difficult years, including the departure of Hideo Kojima in 2015 and reports of a troubled work atmosphere, Babieno made it clear that he feels Konami’s current leadership knows what they’re doing. He also issued a short appeal to dissatisfied Konami supporters to allow the firm more time to establish itself, saying he believes in its future undertakings.

If the company is successful with this remake, maybe additional Silent Hill remakes will be on Bloober Team’s radar. During the chat, Babieno said that he, too, made several errors during his early years at Bloober Team, and that the studio is entering a new and exciting period. These views may also be a reference to where he feels Konami is heading following some growing difficulties.

Based on his comments, Babieno seems to be quite optimistic about the future of Bloober Team and Konami. Yet, with such a large product being redone, the company must be cautious with the Silent Hill 2 remake, since it may make or kill the developer. There is a lot of excitement and expectation around this remake, and it is hoped that it will pay off well for Bloober Team in the end.