Potential PlayStation 6 Release Window Unveiled as Microsoft's Activision Acquisition Documents Surface

Potential PlayStation 6 Release Window Unveiled as Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition Documents Surface

Papers relating to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard and the future of Call of Duty may have disclosed Sony’s PlayStation 6 system release date. The current Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard has resulted in some fascinating revelations about PlayStation’s relationship to Call of Duty being disclosed. Although much of the material in these papers has been redacted, some PlayStation enthusiasts have been able to connect the dots and come to an intriguing conclusion about PlayStation’s future platform.

There are currently no publicly confirmed plans for a new PlayStation system. The PlayStation 5 has been on the market for less than three years and is doing well. Yet, in an industry of strong rivalry, where video game creation and mass-scale hardware manufacture may take years, planning for the next PlayStation are likely already well advanced. Yet, traditionally, such plans have not been made public.