Signalis Comes to Switch: The Physical Edition You've Been Waiting For

Signalis Comes to Switch: The Physical Edition You’ve Been Waiting For

Signalis, an acclaimed indie survival horror game, will be released physically on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at the end of next month. Humble Games is publishing the Signalis physical edition in North America, Europe, and Australia, and it comes with a special extra gift for those who pre-order.

Signalis was one of the year’s greatest indie surprises. Signalis, developed by Rose-engine, has been praised by fans and reviewers for checking all the criteria that made the PS1 period of survival horror so fantastic. Its deep sci-fi horror atmosphere and attractive anime-like visuals, which come together in a tightly-knit package loaded with ingenious riddles and homages to the PS1 Silent Hill and Resident Evil days of terror, are among its strongest features.

Fans in the West have asked for a tangible edition of Signalis, one of last year’s most noteworthy and beloved indie horror releases. Signalis previously got a physical print in Japan, which fans could only get via companies such as Amazon and PlayAsia. Fortunately, a complete release for the US, Europe, and Australia is on the road, with Rose-engine planning to release Signalis for Switch and PS4 towards the end of February 2023. Fans who pre-order the game will get a “lenticular memory” bonus item, which should be a pleasant novelty gift for those familiar with Signalis. Pre-orders are currently available on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.



The box cover for Signalis in the West is noticeably different from that for the Japanese edition from the previous year. Signalis’ Japanese editions for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 sport a stunning all-red casing with the main protagonist prominently featured in the middle. Together contrast, the western box cover features a dark backdrop with pieces of artwork merged in. The poster, stickers, and badge that were included with Signalis’ initial Japanese print are also absent; however, the developer has claimed that they were solely for the first pre-order run in Japan and are unlikely to return. Signalis fans may still buy the Japanese import from one of the aforementioned online merchants.

Signalis is undoubtedly worth a go for those who appreciate traditional survival horror or want to see what all the fuss is about. The game now has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” user review rating on Steam and a Metacritic average of 80 across all platforms. Signalis lasts around eight hours and keeps players on their toes and interested the whole time, owing to clever puzzles and a terrifying environment. While the PS1-era aesthetics may not be for everyone, those who prefer this sort of game seem to adore what Signalis stands for.

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