Sci-Fi Strategy Game Homeworld 3 Delayed

Sci-Fi Strategy Game Homeworld 3 Delayed

Fans eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Homeworld franchise will have to wait a little longer. The highly anticipated sequel to the sci-fi real-time strategy game Homeworld 2, originally slated for a 2022 release and later rescheduled for the first half of this year, has now been pushed back once again. Blackbird Interactive, the developer, and Gearbox Publishing, the publisher, jointly announced that Homeworld 3 will now launch in February 2024. The decision was made with the intention of delivering a game that lives up to the exceptional standards set by its predecessors.

In their statement, the development team expressed their desire to refine and polish the game further in order to fully realize their creative vision. They acknowledged that additional time is required to ensure that Homeworld 3 meets the high expectations of fans. The response from fans on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing support for the developers’ dedication to getting the game right. Notably, those who purchased the collector’s edition of Homeworld 3 will still receive it at launch, as confirmed by the developers.



To provide more insights into their decision, the companies shared an extended version of the announcement on Gearbox’s website. They addressed speculation that Blackbird Interactive’s implementation of a four-day work week in 2022 might be the cause for the release date delay. However, the developers clarified that the change in work schedule was not a contributing factor. They emphasized that the team has been able to achieve even greater productivity with the additional personal time afforded to them. The release date extension was not prompted by any technical hurdles or changes in the scope of the game. Rather, it is simply a result of the time required to create and polish a comprehensive gaming experience.

For fans eagerly following the development progress, the companies assured that they will share their “biggest Homeworld 3 progress update yet” later this summer. This update promises to offer substantial insights into the game’s development and further excite the Homeworld community.

As the release date for Homeworld 3 gets pushed back to February 2024, fans can anticipate a refined and polished gaming experience that stays true to the legacy of the beloved franchise. The dedication of the developers to deliver a game that meets the high standards set by its predecessors is evident, and the positive response from fans reflects their unwavering support. With the promise of an upcoming progress update, excitement continues to build as the Homeworld community eagerly awaits the next chapter in the series.

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