Saudi Arabia Unveils AROYA: Luxury Cruise Liner Signals Kingdom’s Push for Global Tourism Dominance

Saudi Arabia’s cruise scene is about to get a major glow-up. AROYA Cruises just unveiled a slick new cruise liner that shows how serious the Kingdom is about dominating the global tourism and maritime game.

The 335-meter ship is run by Cruise Saudi, a company owned by the Public Investment Fund. It’s been completely refurbished to cater to what modern cruisers want – think 19 decks, 1,682 swanky cabins, and an experience that redefines luxury Arabian cruises. As Cruise Saudi put it, this bad boy aims to “redefine Arabian holiday experiences.”

The launch is part of Saudi Arabia’s push to diversify its economy. By nurturing a bustling cruise industry, the Kingdom is staking its claim as a heavy hitter in global tourism and travel.

Cruise Saudi CEO Lars Clasen called the new ship an “exciting milestone” in creating world-class cruises in Saudi Arabia. He said it also offers Saudis a new way to experience domestic vacays. The ship sets sail from Jeddah starting in 2024.

Formed in 2021, Cruise Saudi’s task is building the infrastructure and services to grow a full-fledged cruise market in the Kingdom. That means developing cruise terminals and berths at key Saudi destinations.

The company also handles marketing, shore excursions, and ship operations for visiting cruise lines worldwide. The goal is to make Saudi a regular port of call, showing off the Kingdom’s rich culture, history and natural wonders.

In October, Cruise Saudi announced tech partnerships for AROYA Cruises, marking phase one of its tech development.

Big-name partners include Monitor Deloitte, Alibaba Cloud, and more. It shows Cruise Saudi’s commitment to giving cruisers a seamless experience from booking to boarding.