Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks Spill the Beans on Pricing, Specs, and Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks Spill the Beans on Pricing, Specs, and Launch Date

The Samsung Galaxy S24 rumormill is spinning up to full speed, leaking specs, pricing, and release windows for next year’s flagship phone lineup. Tipsters point to three models incoming – a 6.2-inch base S24, 6.7-inch S24 Plus, and range-topping 6.8-inch Ultra variant.

Focused most on the highest-tier Ultra, leaks indicate a versatile quad camera lead by a mammoth 200MP main sensor alongside 5x and 3x telephotos for punchy zoom. AI smarts will seemingly feature too, though specifics remain unclear. The S24 Plus and vanilla S24 aren’t left far behind though, toting strong camera systems of their own.

Power-wise, European models pack Samsung’s latest Exynos chips while everyone else gets Qualcomm’s newest silicon. Paired with up to 12GB RAM and 1TB (!) storage on Ultra models, performance looks rapid. Displays should impress too with sharp QHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rates.

Pricing currently pegs the 128GB S24 at €899, working up to a fully kitted, 1TB S24 Ultra nearing €1800. Exact costs will likely differ by region but expect a small discount for S24 and S24 Plus over predecessors, while the Ultra holds steady or ticks up in cost.

As for release, leaks point squarely at a January 17 launch event to kick off public availability soon after. This spill of both nuts-and-bolts specs plus rough cost gives potential buyers plenty to mull over. And if history repeats, we’ll likely see further accretion of rumors until Samsung confirms details next month. For now, the S24 appears ready to carry the Android flagship crown through 2024 and beyond.