SADES, a giant in gaming peripherals, has launched its new peripheral in the form of the SADES Armor headset.

SADES Armor is a fully-packed lightweight headset equipped with High Definition Realtek gaming audio, rich RGB lighting effects, a flexible microphone, and the big leather earmuffs provide an extreme noise-cancellation function.


SADES debuts its ultralight Armor headset with RGB lighting


In a market that is full of competing offerings, the SADES Armor packs a huge punch when it comes to its meticulously designed chassis that includes a suspension headband, Glossy texture, and comfortable big earmuffs.

Some of the major features of the SADES Armor headset include –


Tuned by SADES and Realtek, Armor features Realtek Gaming Audio. There is 4 Realtek Effect available, which provides a broader sound filed, has superior dialog clarity, recovers missing detail audio information, and normalizes the sound, having you immerse in games with a better listening experience.


Armor uses the elastic suspension headband and weighs only 260 grams for comfortable wear.


RGB streamer makes color no longer monotonous.


Volume adjustment, audio/microphone mute, RGB light mode shift all can be controlled via the multifunctional in-line remote.


Take you gaming to the next level with the new SADES Armor headset


The other relevant specifications of the SADES Armor headset are as follows.

For the Speaker

The speaker features a loudhailer diameter of a generous 40mm, which results in a sensitivity of 93 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz. The frequency response is pegged at 20~20,000 Hz with a power handling capacity of 20 mW.

For the Microphone

The microphone measures 4.0 * 1.5mm, with a sensitivity of -21 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz. Here, the frequency response is rated at 50~10,000 Hz with an omnidirectional directivity.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The SADES Armor headset features a 2.2 m gold plated USB PLug, making it long enough for easy movement away from the gaming station.

The SADES Armor headset is compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10.

In The Box


Take you gaming to the next level with the new SADES Armor headset


In the SADES Armor headset box, you will receive the following items –


User Manual

Guarantee Card

SADES Sticker