Roblox Patents System for Recommending Age-Appropriate Content

Roblox Patents System for Recommending Age-Appropriate Content

According to a recent Roblox Corporation patent application, Roblox may begin curating age-appropriate material in the future through automated suggestions. While the game has grown in popularity across several age groups since its first public offering last year, it still has a substantial underage audience, and this patent might be an attempt to guarantee that such players are supplied with suitable information.

The most recent Roblox Corporation patent proposes to employ new methods and current computer capabilities to give Roblox players “acceptable” age-appropriate material, such as proposing child-friendly game types to children under a specific age. Because there are so many Roblox designers, there is a diverse range of game styles for users to discover, ranging from platforming or speed runs to mini-games and tycoon simulations. Given the vast number of works to filter through, Roblox Corporation’s patent may make it easier to explore the marketplace by recommending better content for each participant.

According to the Roblox Corporation patent application, the new algorithms will distinguish two comparable Roblox users in order to offer or ignore content alternatives for one player from the other. Before making a proposal, values are assigned to each conceivable Roblox studio creation in order to automatically select the best one for a player based on the data gathered. According to the patent, Roblox Corporation is making these efforts so that Roblox users in one part of the world would be suggested highly rated and trustworthy uploads that may fit regional rules, rather than the existing concentration on localised material that might be hit-or-miss.

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The Roblox Corporation patent application, like others, suggests that criteria such as age, gender, geography, and preferences would be taken into account independently by developers and players when curating appropriate material for gamers. This information may be logged similarly to how it is with YouTube uploads, with age limits on the back end connecting with the age a user provides when making an account, assisting the Google platform in preventing unsuitable content from reaching children. Although Roblox is aiming to improve how it shows its material through age-appropriate techniques, given the implementation detailed in the patent, it’s probable that many of the top Roblox creations will continue to be presented.

Though Roblox Corporation has filed patents for these enhancements to Roblox’s backend systems, it may be some time before the forms are accepted and the developers can deploy the new curation process. Because a popular video from last year detailed why Roblox isn’t appropriate for children, Roblox Corporation may have filed this patent to make it a safer environment for users under the age of eighteen.

Roblox is now available for Mac, iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

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