'Return to Silent Hill' will reintroduce Konami's horror series to cinemas

‘Return to Silent Hill’ will reintroduce Konami’s horror series to cinemas

Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake for PC and PlayStation 5 isn’t the only remake of the famous 2001 game in the works: the plot is also being made into a new big motion film. Return to Silent Hill will reportedly be a direct sequel to the original 2006 adaption, and will be directed by Christophe Gans.

The project seems to be in its early stages. There is no teaser trailer, just a few storyboard pictures, and conceptual artwork. Gans spent the majority of the announcement discussing the game’s narrative. “We chose to go back to the greatest of these tales,” he remarked during a live webcast of Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission. “The film follows the narrative of a young man returning to Silent Hill, where he once had a great love — and what he finds is a total nightmare.”

Victor Hadida, who previously worked on the 2006 film, is returning to produce and says that although the project intends to modernize the series, maintaining loyal to the essence of the original game is a primary goal. Gans seemed to concur, describing the first Silent Hill games as “excellent creative triumphs.”

Hearing Christophe Gans discuss the project is actually fascinating, as the director muses on the unique problem of condensing the immersive story that only a video game can provide into a shorter 90-to-100-minute experience. However, we won’t know how well he does it for quite some time. Return to Silent Hill has no set release date.