Remnant 2 Xbox Hotfix Improves Quality of Life, Resolves Bugs

Remnant 2 Xbox Hotfix Improves Quality of Life, Resolves Bugs

Gunfire Games rolls out an update for the Xbox Series X/S version of Remnant 2, offering bug fixes and enhancements to player experience.


Highlights of the Update:

  1. Motion Blur Toggle: Xbox Series X/S players can now choose to enable or disable motion blur according to their preferences.
  2. Adjusted Player Voice Overs: Player voice over lines have been fine-tuned to offer a less intrusive experience.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Progression Blockers: Four progression-blocking issues have been resolved, including one related to the Nightweaver Web where players accidentally offered quest items, leading to campaign soft locks. The update rectifies this by restoring the item to the player’s inventory.
  2. Ultimate Edition Engram: Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition players will now receive the Gunslinger engram, even if they decide not to start with the archetype at the beginning of the game.
  3. Invisibility Bug: A fix has been implemented to prevent players from becoming invisible when using the Labyrinth portal.
  4. Host Save Protection: Host players’ saves will no longer be altered if they exit the game while dead and then join another player’s session.

While Gunfire Games’ dedication to improving the overall Remnant 2 experience is evident through these regular updates, some players have raised concerns regarding the game’s difficulty scaling. The game currently considers both the combined gear level and class power when setting zone difficulty, which can pose challenges for players experimenting with new gear. This has led to requests for adjustments to allow for more flexible experimentation without the requirement of constant gear upgrades.

Patch Notes: Remnant 2 Update