Unreleased GTA Online Beta Build Uncovers Scrapped Features

An unreleased beta build of Grand Theft Auto Online, dating back nearly a decade, has been uncovered by a fan, revealing features that Rockstar initially planned but ultimately cut from the game.

A devoted fan has recently unearthed a long-forgotten beta build of Grand Theft Auto Online, shedding light on a plethora of features that Rockstar had originally intended for the game but subsequently removed. This revelation comes on the heels of a prior leak that disclosed the release date for a recent GTA Online update.

As the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Online approaches on October 1, the multiplayer component of GTA 5 continues to maintain a robust and devoted player base. However, it wasn’t always a seamless experience. Initially, GTA Online launched several weeks after the single-player game, with Rockstar requiring additional time to rectify bugs and finalize launch content development.