Redfall Community Outraged as Denuvo and Always-Online Feature Spark Backlash

Redfall Community Outraged as Denuvo and Always-Online Feature Spark Backlash

Gamers eagerly awaiting Redfall, the upcoming co-op vampire FPS, were left disappointed and disgruntled when it was announced that the game would require constant internet connectivity, even for single-player mode. The news sparked a wave of criticism on the game’s subreddit, with many expressing frustration and even canceling their plans to purchase the game.

One user, MrDubTee, created a post stating, “Interested in community feedback but personally I hate this.” Meanwhile, AlexTheEnderWolf lamented, “Well there goes my plan for buying it,” and AgitatedQuit3760 declared, “Not buying anymore.”

Adding to the community’s disappointment is the implementation of Denuvo DRM, a controversial anti-cheat software known to slow down games. With the expectation of high-performance gaming experiences, many gamers are left feeling shortchanged and unwilling to tolerate such restrictions.

The community also raised concerns about the reliability of Redfall’s servers, even with stable internet connections, and the possibility of the game being rendered useless in the future if the developers shut down the servers and do not release an update to remove the DRM.

Unfortunately, this is a trend that has plagued the industry, with titles like Gran Turismo 7 receiving backlash for similar anti-consumer practices. These decisions have a significant impact on sales and playability, particularly on PC platforms where gamers are more sensitive to such restrictions.

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