Qualcomm's New Chip Aims to Eliminate Audio Lag for Gamers

Qualcomm’s New Chip Aims to Eliminate Audio Lag for Gamers

The New Chip Uses Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio to Deliver Ultra-Low Latency

According to Qualcomm’s marketing director, Mike Canevaro, this latest expansion of Snapdragon Sound demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing an exceptional wireless gaming experience. Canevaro stated, “With every generation of Snapdragon Sound, we have driven down latencies and improved audio quality, and with this latest addition to our Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound portfolio, we are providing our best wireless gaming experience yet. We know from our annual State of Sound survey that consumers want lag-free audio for gaming, but until now, this immersive wireless audio experience has been reserved for proprietary gaming solutions.”

While Qualcomm has not yet revealed specific devices that will incorporate the extended S3 Gen 2 Sound platform, this announcement suggests that compatible accessories may be on the horizon. Gamers can anticipate a future where seamless wireless audio and voice chat integration enhance their gaming experiences, thanks to Qualcomm’s innovative chip technology.