Qualcomm's New Chip Aims to Eliminate Audio Lag for Gamers

Qualcomm’s New Chip Aims to Eliminate Audio Lag for Gamers

The New Chip Uses Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio to Deliver Ultra-Low Latency

Today, Qualcomm announced the expansion of its S3 Gen 2 Sound platform, targeting gamers with a new chip designed for dongles and adapters. The latest addition to the platform promises sub-20ms latency, providing an optimal gaming experience, while also introducing an additional backchannel for seamless voice chat.

The expanded Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound combines the power of Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio, offering ultra-low latency of under 20ms for lag-free wireless audio with a voice backchannel dedicated to in-game communication. Notably, the chip further reduces latency when voice chat is not required, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted delivery of game audio. Moreover, Qualcomm representatives have revealed to Engadget that the chip could potentially be compatible with wireless charging cases featuring audio-transmission capabilities, making it convenient for wireless listening during in-flight entertainment.