'Project Rene,' the next Sims game, is a cross-platform title

‘Project Rene,’ the next Sims game, is a cross-platform title

Maxis is in the early stages of developing Project Rene, which will not be ready for a few years. During the Behind the Sims Summit, however, it did provide some details, including a look at more in-depth customization. Objects’ patterns, colors, and shapes, as well as various elements of each item, will be customizable. For example, you could change the shape and size of a bed’s footboard or the layout and pattern of cushions on a couch. It appears that you’ll have more freedom in how you place objects without having to rely on The Sims’ long-used grid system.

You’ll be able to play Project Rene alone or with your friends (you’ll be able to share furniture sets, for example). Furthermore, it will be a cross-platform game with cross-progression, allowing you to continue playing even if you switch devices. That could also imply that Project Rene is being considered a free-to-play title.