The DualSense Edge PS5 controller from Sony will be available on January 26th

The DualSense Edge PS5 controller from Sony will be available on January 26th

Sony has revealed when the premium DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5 will be available, but be prepared to pay a premium for it. The $200 peripheral will be available on January 26th in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. On October 25th, pre-orders will be available through PlayStation Direct.

Sony describes the DualSense Edge as “built with high performance and personalization in mind.” You can, for example, replace the standard thumbstick caps with the included high dome or low dome caps. Replacement stick modules will be available for $20. You can choose between half-dome and lever back buttons, both of which are included with the controller.

You’ll be able to customize the thumbstick sensitivity and remap the controls (including the back buttons) as you see fit. Trigger stops and dead zones are also adjustable. These could be useful if you play games that require quick reactions, as you’ll be able to shorten the travel distance.

There is an option to save these settings to distinct profiles that can be switched between using shortcuts. Audio levels can also be adjusted using keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, the controller includes a braided USB-C charging cable that can be locked into place.

The DualSense Edge is clearly aimed at serious gamers, especially given the price. It costs nearly three times as much as the standard $70 DualSense. However, it is comparable to the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which starts at $150 and is now customizable via the Xbox Design Lab as of Tuesday. The DualSense Edge costs the same as Scuf’s Reflex gamepad for the PlayStation 5. Scuf also provides more expensive models, which may soften the initial sticker shock of Sony’s latest offering.

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