Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Survey Reveals Most Popular Pre-Launch Starter

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Survey Reveals Most Popular Pre-Launch Starter

A recent study done by a Japanese website revealed unexpected findings concerning people’s choices for starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Choosing the appropriate beginning pocket monster is critical in each Pokemon video game since they are the first to join the player on their journey. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced three new beginning Pokemon: Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito, each with a unique set of attributes tailored to a certain playing style.

These Gen 9 beginning Pokemon have recently been a big subject because to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, some of which have revealed the ultimate evolutionary forms of these starters. All three are very popular among fans, but some seem to have already chosen their favourite, according to a study performed by the Japanese website Famitsu, which gathered about 2,000 replies from Pokemon aficionados.

The survey’s most surprising revelation concerns the most popular starting Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. When asked which Pokemon they would select at the beginning, almost 40% chose Sprigatito. This is followed by Fuecoco (35.43%), and Quaxly (23.89%). Sprigatito is a feline Grass-type Pokemon, Fuecoco is a Fire-type based on a juvenile crocodile, and Quaxly is a Water-type based on a duckling. The majority of those who choose Sprigatito did so for its attractiveness and grass-like appearance.

According to the Famitsu study, just 24.69% of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will buy both releases. Meanwhile, 42.74% of gamers will purchase Pokemon Violet and 27.60% will purchase Pokemon Scarlet. Similarly, 66.25% of Pokemon enthusiasts want to ride on the back of Miraidon, the mascot for Pokemon Violet, while 33.75% choose Koraidon. Furthermore, more than two-thirds (66.40%) of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans will buy physical versions, while the remainder will buy them online.

The study also questioned respondents about which tale they’d want to play first, and the majority (66.52%) said they don’t know yet. The Champion Road narrative will be played by 23.77% of those who have chosen it, followed by Legend Route and Stardust Street, which received 6% and 4% of the votes, respectively. Aside from the main tale, players may picnic in a random location and enjoy a pleasant time with their pocket monsters. According to the poll findings, 39.53% of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet enthusiasts like to make sandwiches during these picnics. On the other side, 34.46% of players will snap photographs with their pocket monsters, and 14.85% will wash their Pokemon. It will be fascinating to see whether these results hold true in a bigger sample size of millions of Scarlet and Violet enthusiasts.