Google's Live View AR search feature will be available next week

Google’s Live View AR search feature will be available next week

Google is rolling out a slew of new features across its services. Starting with Maps, the firm said on Thursday that it will begin rolling out the much-anticipated Search with Live View tool. The addition, as the name implies, adds a search bar to the app’s augmented reality layer, making it simpler to discover and navigate to locations such as ATMs, bathrooms, and restaurants. The feature will be available in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo beginning next week.

At the same time, Google Maps is getting a new wheelchair symbol to help users find locations with accessible entrances. Finally, Maps now offers additional filters to assist you to identify EV charging stations with fast-charging plugs and those with plugs compatible with your vehicle. Both functionalities are now accessible internationally.

A lot of enhancements are also being made to search. To begin, Google is strengthening Lens. If you see a picture of a dish you want to taste but don’t know what it’s called or where to locate a restaurant that serves it in your region, a new function called “multi-search near me” by the firm will send you the proper way. Simply take a picture of the food you wish to taste (or a screenshot if you discover an image online) and put “near me” into the search area to locate a location that offers it. You may also look up individual meals at restaurants to learn more about prices and ingredients. The two features are only accessible to English speakers in the United States as of today’s debut.

In terms of Lens, Google will improve the feature’s translation capabilities later this year. Lens will employ an AI system to delete the original text of a sign and produce new pixels beneath before overlaying the translation on top once the update is available. This enhancement should improve readability.

Google is introducing new augmented reality shopping tools. The first addition is a library of 150 models representing various skin tones, ages, genders, facial shapes, and skin types, which the business claims will allow customers to reliably test over 2,000 foundation hues from various manufacturers. In addition, the business is introducing a new AR experience for footwear, allowing users to examine kicks from Saucony, Vans, and Merrell. Both features will be available in the United States starting today.