Pokemon GO players rejoice! Long-awaited Pokemon is finally here

After Chespin Community Day, Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokemon, will make its Pokemon GO debut. Because Niantic has been withholding Kecleon for years, Pokemon GO users have been unable to collect their Platinum Hoenn Region badges in the game. Niantic has taken its time with this one because of its unique abilities and a history of getting surprised Pokemon debuts wrong.

After a few Community Days, Niantic loves to provide unique Pokemon surprises. Beginning with Meltan in 2018, they have been dispersed across the years. Community Days may be a mixed bag of Pokemon that players want to discover, either because they were available previously or because they were a repetition of a previous Community Day offering, and they may have dubious shiny spawn rates. Chespin Community Day’s surprise may go down in Pokemon GO history as the largest Community Day after-party when Kecleon and its special ability Protean debut in the game.

Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokemon, is reportedly beginning to emerge at PokeStops after Chespin Community Day, according to trainers in Australia and New Zealand. Another post-Community Day surprise Pokemon, like Gimmighoul, has a unique interaction unlike any other Pokemon and will be difficult to locate. The silhouette of Kecleon will not appear on the game’s Pokemon tracker. Trainers must search for the animated shape of Kecleon moving on the screen by tapping on PokeStop Photo Discs. Trainers may scan PokeStops for the Kecleon outline from afar, but they must travel to that stop to capture it.

Players of Pokemon GO will be unable to spin the PokeStop until Kecleon is captured. Trainers should also be in an area densely populated with PokeStops, since the spawn rate for Kecleon may be one in every 10 or 20 PokeStops. When Community Day concludes, Kecleon will start spawning, and there is a pretty forgiving spawn duration for this Pokemon encounter. As of this writing, it is unknown how long Kecleon will be available after this Community Day.

For years, Pokemon GO enthusiasts have been requesting Kecleon. In 2017, Hoenn Pokemon were introduced to the game, however, fans immediately realised that the fan-favourite camouflaged Pokemon was absent. Niantic officially admitted that a special release for Kecleon in 2021 was in the works, but it has taken more than a year for that promise to be fulfilled. Kecleon’s participation in the game may be limited to collecting, but the tale of its absence is now over.