Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower Marks One-Year Anniversary with New Playable Character

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their zany platformer Pizza Tower, developer Tour De Pizza is prepping a free update adding the antagonist Noise as a playable character. Essentially functioning as a New Game+ mode, playing as Noise shakes up the experience with new mechanics and challenges.

As revealed in a recent tweet and anniversary video, Noise brings his signature aerial spinning move to platforming proceedings, enabling players to zip around levels with amplified momentum. His movement style looks similar to protagonist Peppino Spaghetti otherwise, contrasting additional characters Gustavo and Brick who felt wholly distinct.

The devs explained the intent behind the update: “We’re ranking John Gutter as Noise to celebrate the anniversary of the game. To specify, Noise will come as a free update. A lot of details about the game change when you play as him; think of it as a sort of New Game+.”


Pizza Tower Marks One-Year Anniversary with New Playable Character


So while the core platforming DNA stays intact, fans can expect a fresh take on Pizza Tower’s absurd world and challenges. New UI elements and escape music specifically for Noise also help differentiate his gameplay angle.

As a headline platformer on services like Xbox Game Pass, Pizza Tower built a following with its vibrant, fast-paced action layered with quirky humor. Adding a fan-favorite character as a playable protagonist through a free update is a nice goodwill gesture by Tour De Pizza to its community.

It’s a clever way to elongate the life and value of Pizza Tower too. Existing owners can return for a new experience, while the update gives curious newcomers another reason to dive in. however Noise shakes up the formula, it looks like a fun new wrinkle for a charming indie platformer celebrating its first year in style.