Fortnite Making a Comeback on iOS in EU Later This Year

Epic Games recently sparked excitement by promising Fortnite’s long-awaited return to iOS devices this year. However, the revived iOS version will only be available in select EU regions to start, enabled by impending European regulations.

“Remember Fortnite on iOS? How bout we bring that back,” Epic teased via Fortnite’s official Twitter account. “Later this year, Fortnite will return to Europe on iOS through the Epic Games Store. (Shoutout DMA – an important new law in the EU making this possible). Apple, the world is watching.”

To clarify, the law in question – the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – applies specifically to the 27 European Union countries. So as of now, only EU Fortnite players can expect the battle royale experience back on their iPhones and iPads once Epic launches an iOS-compatible version of its PC/Mac game store.


Fortnite Making a Comeback on iOS in EU Later This Year


Under DMA rules going into effect this March, Apple must open iOS to allow app distribution through third-party marketplaces beyond its own App Store. This provision enables Epic to finally revive Fortnite by bypassing the App Store from which Apple banned the game in 2020.

While framing the DMA as an inevitability, Apple has voiced concerns that enabling alternative iOS marketplaces introduces new security risks. In response, Apple plans additional malware protections and authorization requirements for marketplaces like Epic’s to “reduce” threats.

Still, the DMA represents a landmark shift in iOS regulation regardless of Apple’s reservations. And Epic bringing Fortnite back to EU iPhones later this year via its own distribution channels underscores the newfound openness iOS developers now possess.

Of course non-EU iOS users will still lack Fortnite support barring further legal developments. But by targeting selected regions first, Epic can pressure Apple through the “world watching” to eventually reconsider its App Store restrictions globally. For now, EU mobile players eagerly await their chance to drop onto the Fortnite battle bus once more.