Overwatch 2 Postpones Major November 15 Update

Overwatch 2 Postpones Major November 15 Update

Overwatch 2 gamers were anticipating a major update on November 15 that will solve hero balancing concerns as well as return popular Damage hero Mei back to the game’s pool of playable characters, but they will now have to wait a bit longer. Overwatch 2’s early access debut was not without hiccups, and it seems that the popular hero-technical shooter’s woes are still ongoing.

Because of issues affecting Mei’s skills, Blizzard was forced to remove her from Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 fans have severely missed Mei, particularly because she is a strong counter to popular Damage hero Genji. Overwatch 2 gamers, however, will have to wait a bit longer for the November 15 update.

In the notice announcing the postponement of the Overwatch 2 November 15 update, Blizzard said that it detected a “serious problem” with the patch but did not provide any details. Blizzard intends to notify fans as soon as the issue is resolved, but no timetable was provided. Given this, it’s conceivable that the Overwatch 2 update may still go live today, or that fans will have to wait much longer. At this point, everything is a guessing game.

This implies that the Overwatch character nerfs, Mei’s comeback, and other upcoming events have all been postponed indefinitely. Overwatch 2 fans will hopefully not have to wait too long for the update, although Blizzard has not offered a new timeframe for the update.

Looking at the plans for Overwatch 2’s near future, it seems that the update will arrive sooner rather than later. Blizzard intends to release Overwatch 2 Season 2 on December 6, which will include the premiere of the new Tank hero Ramattra. Assuming that plans haven’t altered, it stands to reason that the November 15 Overwatch 2 update will happen somewhere between now and when Ramattra is introduced to the roster.

It would be interesting to see whether temporary hero removals continue to be an issue for Overwatch 2. Blizzard has deleted many characters from the game, with Mei being the most recent victim. Recently uncovered issues concerning Damage hero Sombra and Support hero Brigitte may indicate that they are next on the chopping block, although Blizzard has not yet declared any intentions to remove them from the game.

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