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Overwatch 2: Invasion Brings New Story Missions and PvP Mode on August 10th

The latest update to Overwatch 2 adds three new story missions, a new PvP mode, and new maps

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as Overwatch 2 unveils its highly anticipated fifth season on Tuesday. This update brings a host of exciting features, including a mythic skin for Tracer, a captivating fantasy theme, and a thrilling limited-time game mode. While season five promises to be a remarkable addition to the game, Blizzard Entertainment is already setting its sights on the upcoming sixth season, slated to commence on August 10th.

Referred to as the most significant update to Overwatch 2 yet, the sixth season, named Overwatch 2: Invasion, will introduce exhilarating co-op story missions. Although the previously promised hero missions, featuring long-term progression features for all heroes, have been shelved, the new story missions will provide players with a compelling co-op experience.

As you rally your friends or join forces with other players, you will embark on three initial story missions, banding together to combat the destructive forces of Null Sector. This nefarious organization is wreaking havoc on cities and abducting innocent Omnics, robots who coexist with humans following a war. Formidable adversaries such as the powerful Annihilators and the deadly Stalkers will test your skills and teamwork in epic encounters.

Additionally, a separate co-op mission awaits players in season six, as Blizzard unveils new sections of the Kings Row map that were previously inaccessible in competitive modes. In this mission, you will guide the TS-1 push bot on a noble quest to rescue Tracer’s friend and liberate the Omnic Underworld from the clutches of Null Sector. Unlike previous encounters, the push bot will be equipped with its own arsenal of weapons, amplifying the thrill and intensity of the gameplay.